Valeriy Poltorak is a talented photographer and adventurer, who was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine but raised in the Pacific Northwest. Valeriy shoots amazing landscape, travel and nature photography. Let us hear more from the photographer himself…

Tell us a little bit about you:

My name is Valeriy Poltorak, otherwise known as Mrvalography on social media. I was born in the Ukraine but have grown up in the Pacific Northwest, primarily the Seattle – Tacoma area for the last 25 years. I enjoy traveling the globe and capturing unforgettable moments along the way.
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How long have you been a photographer?

I picked up my first camera around the age of 13 and haven’t been able to put it down since. My first real photographic impact occurred when I was 18 at which point I began selling photos on Stock Photography agencies and realized that the work I created was admired which inspired me to begin pursuing photography more intensely.
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What made you turn to Instagram as a medium to share your photography?

After a few years of growing by trial and error, while teaching myself photography, I began looking for creative outlets to not only share my work but also find inspiration from others. That was ultimately what lead me to discover Instagram and over time make it my primary platform to share my photography.
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How would you describe your style?

My style is a bit hard to explain but ultimately revolves around my faith and hopefully a direct reflection of my personality. I want others to feel a sense of encouragement and hope when they look through my photos therefor I strive to have each photo tell a story. Emotion, inspiration and being a source of light are the most important aspects of my style.
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What subject/style is your biggest inspiration?

My passion and inspiration for creativity are built firmly upon my desire to travel, love for my family and a life lead by faith, leaving me to glorify God in all that I do! God and this beautiful world He created are my biggest inspiration!
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If someone is interested in instagram, what would you recommend they try doing to get into the field?

To those who are interested in sharing their work on Instagram, the biggest suggestion I can give to them is not to be afraid but to ALWAYS be yourself. Don’t let others be the judge of your creativity and don’t let negativity keep you from posting or sharing the artwork you have created. If something is beautiful in your eyes then ultimately that is all that matters, not what someone else thinks! Don’t focus on the numbers but rather focus on how you can challenge yourself and grow in your creativity!
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What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?

My gear and camera setup isn’t anything too fancy at the moment but you don’t need fancy equipment to be a photographer. You just need a passion and drive for creativity. Currently I use my iPhone 6s Plus and for more professional projects I have a Canon 70D with a 17-55mm 2.8 lens and 10-18mm Wide Angle Lens. As for what camera I started off with I cannot remember since it has been so long but I’m sure it was a cheap point and shoot but then for the longest time I was an iPhone Only shooter; I’m thankful for that experience because it taught me that gear wasn’t as important as having a passion and a desire for photography. By having less I was able to focus more on unique techniques and overcome creative challenges.
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A photographer who inspires you?

There is not just one single photographer that inspires me but many in their own creative perspectives. I find inspiration from all over, not just the photographers I follow on Instagram but those whom I know in person as well as the friends and family who have been an encouragement in my life. I also find a wealth of inspiration from the world that I live in, the moments I create and love that God has for me. Everything in life inspires my creativity on a daily basis!
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Briefly describe a Day in the Life of Valeriy Poltorak!

A typical day for me can vary based on the project I’m currently working on, so it all depends. Typically the night before I’ll try and figure out what project I want to work on for the next day and if it requires any travel, preparation is key. The morning off, I’ll make sure I have all the equipment I need to get started on my project and try to get out as early as possible, don’t want to waste any daylight. At that point I’ll go ahead and work on my project, making sure I get the shots exactly how I want. Once the work is completed out on the field I make my way home and go through the SD card, removing all the rejects. I spend the rest of my day replying to emails, editing projects and uploading my work onto my various social media channels.
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You can find Valeriy Poltorak on the Web :

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